Things That Make My Life Easier: My Go Bag

May 10, 2016

So I’m a huge fan of the baby “go bag”, maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Criminal Minds, but there’s no denying a little work upfront really takes the stress out travelling with your mini-me.

This is my list but I suggest you make your own. (Travel with a double of the list to make sure you don’t leave anything when packing to come home too.)

Baby Monitor: I travel with our old baby monitor; especially in a new environment it’s nice to have eyes on the tiny ones.

Bottle warmer: hot water does the job, but it comes in handy.

Toy/highchair cleaner: apparently babies are messy when they travel, too. Jerks.

Playmats: we move the coffee table out of the way and put down some nice clean playmats and toys to create an instant and familiar play area for JJ. I bring some toys too, or some tupperware filled with safe found objects (shaker eggs, bells, little balls, etc)

Travel crib/sheet: basically every hotel has a crib you can borrow, but I’m what some might call anal, and with how much we travel I like for JJ to have some consistency in where he sleeps.

 Laundry detergent: Again, this is because I’m anal and like to keep the way that  JJ’s clothes and sheets smell consistent. (I’m super scent-based so always travel with essential oils for me, and thought JJ might like scent consistency too)

Drying rack: never used to travel with this, but got so sick of bottles not drying properly. For longer trips if you have the space it just helps make it all feel a little more manageable/like normal.

Bath products  toys and slip mat: anything that can make bath time feel safe and like home has been helpful for us. After the great “Mexican bath debacle of 2015” we’ve learned that it’s better to be prepared than have to get in the bath fully clothed to calm your child.

Sanitizing wipes: ‘cause hotels are freakin’ dirty

Sound machine: our house is loud (meaning my husband has zero volume control and paces like a goldfish) and ever-changing, so JJ loves his sound machine (it’s also one of his cues that its sleep time)

Extension cord: you just never know where hotel outlets will be. I got sick of stressing over placing the crib by an outlet or trying to find an extension cord in a random city in the middle of the night.

Whether it’s a planned trip or last minute ‘throw and go’ I don’t have to worry about nearly as much and I’m basically sexually attracted to anything that makes my life easier.

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