Things I Wish People Wouldn’t Do: Public Breastfeeding Shaming

May 13, 2016

Dear archaic, judgmental asshole who is staring me down for breastfeeding my child in public: go fuck yourself.

How despicable and archaic  that we still shame women for doing the most natural thing our body can do! How sad that we’ve sexualized the breast so much that when a women is providing nourishment for her baby, some still think that it’s risque or inappropriate. I truly think one of the great failures of our society is how we treat breastfeeding in public and that there are few- if any- designated places to nurse or pump. Raise your hand if you’ve had to pump in a public bathroom stall *raises hand*.

I nursed every and anywhere. Did I nurse in restaurants, meetings, and once on a hike? You bet. Did I feel uncomfortable? Sadly, sometimes. But being the asshole I am, I just made long awkward eye contact with anyone who stared or gave me dirty looks. Making jerk strangers feel uncomfortable is really fun, I highly suggest you try it.


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  • Reply Charlotte DUTRUC October 1, 2016 at 3:33 pm

    Hi Yael

    Ok I am not pregnant but know that I want be a mother one day and I DO LOVE LEARN from people like you about their experience.

    I just agree so much about your article concerning Breat Feeding! From what I know without being a mother, I do care much about this topic. It is hard for us as women to balance and do our own choice without being judge.
    In one way we are judged to breast feed in public and other side we could be judge by not great feeding.

    Si thank you to share this topic. I love it


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