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Things That Make My Life Easier: Apps

June 8, 2016

We’re all busy, like TMZ-during-a-Kardashian-wedding busy, so I’m basically sexually attracted to anything that makes my life easier. These are the apps that have made my life infinitely easier, and with everything that we’re all juggling, a little help goes a long way!

I’m addicted to apps. THERE, I said it. And you should be, too. In the last few years, brilliant people have founded brilliant companies that remove the friction and make it crazy easy to get anything from a ride to a coffee to a blowout on demand. I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I basically didn’t leave the house for a while after I had JJ. At first it was just freaking painful (natural labor— 1, Yael – 0), then it was overwhelming to think about the mission of taking anything and everything I MIGHT ever need while we were out (Now I’m pretty stoked if I remember to bring his shoes), and then after a while I just kind of got used to being at home and making the world come to me. This isn’t healthy, I know. Don’t worry, I now leave the house (almost daily!). But while I was playing Rapunzel with JJ these are some apps that made it all possible:

Washio: someone will come and pick-up your washing/dry cleaning in under an hour and return it within 24 hours. EPIC. I use this for dry cleaning because I prefer to use clean detergents and am legitimately a little pathological about washing for my son.

Instacart: Groceries on demand, hell yes.

Postmates: Sometimes you want real food, instead of the scraps from your kiddos meal. And sometimes you don’t want to cook it. Postmates will deliver food from any restaurant in around an hour starting from about $4.99. (Confession: I used to postmates Dairy Queen Blizzards weekly when pregnant. I regret nothing.)

Soothe: My whole body hurts. Always. If I’m not holding my (surprisingly heavy) little man, I’m chasing him, bending to get something for him, or crawling around with him. That shit it hard! Soothe will have a registered masseuse to your house on demand for the same price (if not cheaper) as going out for one. Your body will thank you.  

Glamsquad: Sometimes you have to leave the house, and sometimes it’s nice not to have spit up or spaghetti in your hair when you do. When you don’t have time to make it to a DryBar, Glamsquad is the greatest treat. $50 for an at-home blowout that makes you feel like a construction worker may just whistle at you today.


Uber/Lyft: If you don’t know what Uber and Lyft are, welcome out from under your rock. They’re the new taxi, minus the mystery seat stains, rude drivers and questionable odors.

Amazon: I would basically bring Amazon Prime into my marriage if it was legal. I use this weekly for everything from diapers to lovies to tea bags and toiletries.

Heal: Getting to the Doctor can be a pain. Heal will have a Doc to you within an hour for $99. I’ve used them for prescription refills, flu shots, to look at a rash on JJ’s arm, etc. BONUS: It’s probably more legit than the google/webmd sleuthing I usually do.

The point of this isn’t that you need to spend money or use apps, it’s that sometimes we need a little help and find whatever is reasonable for you and take advantage of it.

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