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Things I Wish I Knew: Find Your Tribe

July 26, 2016

First thing to do when you get preggers or have a baby- find your parent tribe. Seriously, screw picking out a name or decorating the nursery, you need your peoples!

I credit my mommy friends with the fact that I’m now a (mostly) functional member of society, wife, mother and friend

Things I did before I found my momma tribe (and sanity):

  • Left the house for a very nice dinner with my nursing tank around my waist. Classy.
  • Only left the house when absolutely necessary. It was lonely and scary.
  • Showed up to a business lunch with coffee (or poop) down the front of my shirt.
  • The list goes on..

Don’t get me wrong, I still do stupid shit on a daily basis- but it’s funny when you can share it with people that understand. It’s sad, otherwise. Now our #MommyFails are something to be celebrated and shared, because we have a community of like-minded (equally exhausted and confused) parents that get it.

Parenthood can be lonely at first. Which seems counterintuitive because you’re never actually alone, but it’s a different kind of lonely. It’s an emotional gap that can appear between you and some of your closest friends. Friends at a different stage of life. This was one of the hardest things for me to process. It gets better as parenting gets easier, but it takes time.

It was the special men and women who came into my life who were struggling to figure it out too. Who I could call in the middle of the night when we were feeding and the rest of the world was asleep. Who got just as excited as me when my baby crawled (or burped). Who were happy to just have company for the everyday moments.

Thank you to my Tribe. Thanks for making me a better (and happier) mom, wife and human. Thank you for never judging when I fuck it all up. Thank you for holding my baby so that I can pee. Thank you for sharing this adventure with me.

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