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Things We Should Do More Of: Read, Narrate, Sing

July 21, 2016

I’m like a poorly-trained parrot, I just don’t shut up. I am constantly and consistently talking to JJ. I read, talk, sing and narrate everything. “Mommy is going to change your diaper now, can you help me with the tabs? Yes that tab is purple. What else is purple? Grapes can be purple, yes. Grapes are a fruit. What other fruit do you like?” Keep in mind my child potentially hasn’t said a word or made a sound in this conversation yet.

Is it tiresome and often annoying to those around me? Sure. But does my son get exposed to thousands of words a day? You bet.

The brain looks for and recognizes patterns, so the more opportunity we give it to hear them, the better and faster language develops.

It is so important for our kiddo’s brain development that we’re exposing them to as many words and ideas as possible. It’s (at least for me) not a very natural thing to do, and it took time to get used to. It has definitely paid off though. Jagger is incredibly verbal and communicative. Maybe that’s because he’s his father’s son- or maybe it’s because mommy never shuts up!

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