Let’s begin with I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and I’m pretty sure any new parent who says they do is either full of it, delusional, or high. I wing it on a daily basis and pray for the best. That’s a lie, I read like all hell; seek out help, answers and ideas; and put in the time- but then I wing it and hope for a little luck.

Being a parent is hard. Really hard. As if the lack of sleep and general daily terror of screwing it all up isn’t enough— we then have judgment and suggestions from everyone who’s ever seen a child, never mind had one. Congratulations, your brother’s friend’s coworker’s son sleeps through the night, you definitely played a role in that, so I totally get why you’re trying to tell me what to do with my child.

ML_holyshitSomewhere in the haze of new parenthood, you find your way. You figure out tricks, hacks and friends to help you slay the parent game. I’m beyond grateful for my mommy friends who not only help me figure out parenting on a daily basis, but are also down to sweat, swear or drink occasionally. It can be hard not to lose yourself, I can’t say I’m anyone close to the person I was before JJ, but with the help of epic friends and the most epic husband I’ve been forced to rejoin the real world on occasion, and it’s kinda nice.

There are so many freaking topics when it comes to new parenthood and exponentially more opinions for each. I’m human so I have opinions but I have no idea if they’re right. I have things that work for my kiddo, but no idea if they’ll work for yours. Basically, I’m super useless, BUT I’m always down to figure out the options and talk about why I chose the one I did. Not to mention, I do lots of ridiculous shit trying to raise an awesome human who does human things like walk, talk and eat properly. Again, I’m not an expert, I’m a mom. (Holy shit, I’m a mother!!!)

(Mommy since Feb 2015)