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Gina has been a newborn care specialist for 12 years, but some would say she became a specialist 21 years ago when her first of 4 was born. When her first was born, she was a young mom with minimal family support and so read, researched and worked really freaking hard to rock the parent game. Friends noticed that she was pretty much a baby whisperer and suggested she take the baby thing up professionally. She loved the idea of helping moms figure it all out, to allow them to be the best parents possible, and so jumped right in. She’s honest, direct, hilarious, kind and the master of new moms.

  • ml_firstdayhome
    New Mom

    First Day (Home) Jitters

    Your first day home on your own is overwhelming and scary, and that’s totally normal. You’ll desperately miss the magical midnight diaper changes that happened and the experienced nurses who told you exactly when…

    September 26, 2016
  • ml_nightwithanewborn
    Advice New Mom

    Surviving The Night With A Newborn

    Let’s talk “Night Shift”. Seriously, It’s hard enough to wake up a few times a night (or up all night for some of the unlucky ones- Yikes!), so let’s make the dreadful Night Shift…

    November 21, 2016
  • ml_goodadviceorrightadvice_webbanner
    Advice New Mom Parenting

    Good Advice? Or the Right Advice?

    Pretty sure everyone can relate to this one… So you’re brand new to the “Mommy Scene”, clueless, a bit scared, and overwhelmed. Which pretty much makes you easy prey to all the “Experts”. All…

    January 23, 2017