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Boy mom x 2 from Cleveland, Ohio. Proud military wife. Child development professional, turned digital marketer. My daily addictions include coffee and red wine. To shake off stress, I love to dance like no one's watching! I always wear my heart on my sleeve. Super passionate about my family, my mom squad and making a difference. Motherhood is effing hard! Let's create contagious encouragement together and spread that shit everywhere!

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Seasons of Change

This school year marks the beginning of a new adventure. I am officially the mom of a Kindergartner! My baby is growing up, and all I want to do is pump the breaks. Seasons of change are exciting, but man, they suck too! And…

October 20, 2016
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It’s OK to Make Mistakes

When we first decided to start a family, I was sure my husband and I would make the most epic parents.  Overconfident?  Maybe just a little.  I did, after all, have my BA in child development, worked as a nanny and felt completely confident…

November 24, 2016

Raising Independent Little Ones

Our primary job as parents is to nurture, comfort, guide….and try to raise our children not to be assholes (you’re welcome, society). With my first child, I insisted on doing every single little thing for him.  If I did it myself it was done…

December 29, 2016
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Mama Must-Haves

Ladies, let’s face it – Momming is hard stuff!  When I had my babies, I’m not gonna lie – it took me a LONG time to come out from underneath my yoga pants, slippers and bathrobe.  I was like Stella…trying to get my groove…

February 2, 2017
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From one Motherlucker to another

Hey new momma! I see you over there with those tired eyes, spit up on your clothes and unwashed hair for days.  You haven’t slept.  Your body aches from fatigue.  So much in your life has abruptly changed: Your body, your mental status, your…

February 13, 2017
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Dear Friends and Family

So your daughter in-law, best friend, daughter, son and/or sister just had their first baby.  Congrats to them!  Here are a few things for you to remember as the one that you love braves motherhood/fatherhood and forming her/his own family. Offer help, but don’t…

March 16, 2017
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The Madness Called Mealtime

Until you live with a tiny human (or a couple of them), you have no idea how harrowing mealtime can actually be.  I envisioned my sweet family gathered around the table, laughing, talking about our day, all eating the same delicious home cooked meal…

April 12, 2017