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Jessica has been a television exec for over 12 years, but nothing prepared her for her biggest and best production yet –new mama to her toddler Nico, and new step-mama to eleven-teen year old Alexis. After falling in love with a divorced dad of one, she quickly went from living the glamorous, single, career life in NYC to not so glamorous stay-at-home mom in the suburbs of LA. Until she goes back to work, she is currently spending her days learning and embracing this wild and weird world of motherhood, trying to raise awesome human beings, all while keeping her sanity. She quickly realized the disparity between Pinterest and real life parenting, and wants to keep it real for all the other moms out there on their journey. Most days you’ll find her killing the parent game, but yes, on other days you’ll find her hiding out in the bathroom.

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    I Was Told I’d Be Glowing

    When we first learned I was pregnant with our first child, I immediately slipped into blissful daydreams of eating whatever I wanted, endless foot rubs, and showing off my beautiful growing belly. I couldn’t…

    March 22, 2018