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Baby Baggage

November 9, 2017

Our first official holiday as a family of three was to Hawaii for 7 days to visit my uncles.

Little did we know, baby baggage in every sense of the word, was already throwing us for a loop and we hadn’t even left yet. We felt like we should have had “amateur parents” written on our foreheads. We stuck out like a sore thumb in the airport and we had more formula and bottles to shake a stick at.

Traveling on a plane with a (then) 3-month-old is challenging enough, although somewhat easy. Their small enough to hold in your lap and they often sleep the majority of the way (bragging rights here: our boy is a CHAMP at sleeping and did so the majority of both flights).

If you’re with your partner, you can at least hand the kid off when you need to go to the washroom. Traveling alone with a baby is a different story because you often depend on total strangers to help you out. I experienced both on this trip. Flight attendants on both planes were amazingly helpful and, as luck would have it, I sat next to an ER Pediatric Doctor. Go figure. The Gods were on my side. Or I had the look of pure desperation on my on my face.

Plane ride aside, let’s talk about the amount of s**t you need to bring when traveling. In fact, let’s highlight a day trip to the beach, shall we? That’s just one frustrating motherf***er of an event (excuse the language, but you can see that this was not a relaxing trip).

It took us approximately 1 hour to pack for this 2 HOUR excursion! Diaper bag equipped with bottles, diapers, nappy cream, blankets, spare set of clothes, baby wipes, ointment, and the list goes on. Oh, and then there’s our stuff. Right….one of us needs a wallet and keys. Here’s what we discovered on this trip to the beach:

  • Stroller in sand = bad idea (and non-functional)
  • No, you both cannot go into the water together. One of you has to stay behind to watch the baby, so much for frolicking together, romantically in the ocean.
  • Wait! It’s hot out! Did we bring enough coverage for the baby so they don’t get burned or sun stroke? #FAIL

Baby baggage is the real deal. I feel for those single parents who generally have to do everything on their own, but it sure does put the once-simple things into perspective.

For that I am grateful (and will likely be fearful at even the thought of having to do this again one day).

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