January 16, 2017

Everything happens for a reason.  Do you believe that? Words I have said so many times as a cheap attempt to comfort myself, my child or a friend.

However, now I really think these words are true. The hard part is being patient and waiting for the answer to the “why?”

After Dylan’s diagnosis, I remember asking, “why me?”. What did I do to deserve this? As if I was being punished. There’s this thing about tables, they turn.

Now, it’s “What did I do to deserve him? How did I get so lucky? This kid is a gift. He has made my life, and the lives of everyone around him, happier and more fulfilled.”

Dylan knows exactly what I need, before I do. I work from home so Dylan has been known to walk over, take his chunky index finger and push the power off button on my computer. He looks at me and says, “hug.”  Seriously?!

His hugs, by the way, have some mystical healing power. The warmth, the overwhelming love, is beyond anything I’ve ever known.

Dylan has also opened doors that may have image1-4never existed. There have been so many amazing people that have entered my life because of Dylan. People that I would likely never have crossed paths with, are now my dearest friends.  My job, working for “Changing the Face of Beauty,” came to me through Dylan.

There are times you just have to trust. Have faith. Power down and breathe. Take time to hug it out. I am proof that things do happen for a reason, you just have to believe.

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