Belly Touching Etiquette

September 7, 2016

Touching a pregnant belly is kind of like petting a stranger’s dog- you just don’t do it without asking. It can be lovely for all parties involved, or someone can end up getting their hand bitten.

So what’s the deal with belly etiquette? To be honest, there is some variation in what’s considered acceptable. Some women love it, some can’t stand it. So best practice is to play to your audience here.

Lovely ways to ask to pet someone:

  • You’re barely showing, can I touch your tiny bump?

  • Your bump is so beautiful, do you mind if I touch it?

  • Let me pat the baby *Note, only say this one to close friends*

Ways not to ask to/touch a bump:

  • Whoa, is it twins? Can I feel?

  • If I shake your belly will the baby kick?

  • *Walks towards stranger, hands out and determined*

  • Do you think baby can hear this? *Screaming*

  • “It’s good luck to rub a pregnant belly” then grabs without asking

I for one adore when close friends and family rub my belly, it feels so loving and honest. It’s such a vulnerable experience both of us and yet about neither of us. Strangers at the supermarket however, keep yo’ hands to yo’ self. Merci.

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