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Baby Injuries

Baby Injuries

First Stitches

January 10, 2017

Guys, I wasn’t ready for this.

A couple of weeks ago while JJ was having his dinner he decided to swing his head back and bang it on the table. (This was obviously an accident, he was playing and didn’t know his head would smack the table.) The result was a shockingly loud thud and blood curdling scream that followed. I was nursing Levi (who incidentally was 2 weeks old that same day) when it happened. I can’t even remember how but within seconds I had popped Levi off the boob and was scooping my sweet little (big) boy out of his high chair with blood running down his face. We rocked and sang and kissed and cuddled for a minute or two then he stopped crying. I think I was more shaken than him.

He got his milk and a special treat of cartoons while mommy cuddled him and frantically called and texted pictures to his pediatrician. My dad cleaned the cut, while my mom and I snuggled JJ. Within minutes it was obvious that we needed to get him stitches. A few minutes later we were set with a great Doctor and bag packed full of milk, lovies and treats for the trip.

We put JJ in in PJs, and left the house in the dark (a rare occurrence for him, so very exciting). He sang and talked and laughed the whole way to the doctor. Which was definitely the kindest thing he could have done for my aching heart.

Daddy (Scott) met us there and JJ was thrilled to see him. He was pretty into this adventure so far.

Then the Doc came into the room and my sweet little boy knew something was coming. When we moved to the operating room he decided for sure that this adventure was over and he told us without a doubt that he was “all done” and wanted to “go home now”.

What I learned last night is that you have to restrain a 22 month old when they’re getting stitches. Makes sense. Something I deeply wish I didn’t know.

Daddy and grandpa each held a hand, and mommy (huddled behind daddy, quietly crying into his back) held JJ’s feet. I will spare you the next 15 minutes, as I wish I had been spared of it.

But what happened 12 stitches later is worth sharing. The minute the eye cover came off (the cut is on his eyebrow so his eyes had to be covered during the procedure). I picked him up for a cuddle and the tears stopped instantly. He looked up at the Doctor, said thank you and asked for a lollipop! I finally exhaled and maybe even laughed.

Not another tear was shed and JJ was very excited to show me all the “tree lights” (Christmas lights) on the drive home.

What did I learn from all this? That boys will be boys, and this probably isn’t my last trip for stitches. That the tears end quickly and I’m more shaken than him. That daddy is a rock star in these situations and I’m lucky to have a partner who keeps his cool and can calm our kiddo and make him laugh at just the right times.