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JJ and Dood, A Love Story

January 17, 2017

My son is obsessed with my dad, and it’s basically my favorite thing that has ever happened.

For those who don’t know, my dad is what most people call.. Scary. He’s got a super dry sense of humor that some (lame) people don’t get. I think he’s hilarious and the best dad in the universe, but where I see a teddy bear most people see a grizzly. So to see him turn into a ball of mushy love with my son is nothing short of heart melting.

JJ and Dood (what JJ calls my dad) have had extra time together lately, as my folks came into town to help with Levi’s arrival. The two of them now speak their own language and have more inside jokes than the cast of SNL.

Part of why I love their relationship so much is because my dad and I have a really special relationship too. We’ve always been close and he’s always been my hero. Growing up (and even now) he always had the answers; whether it was to my million questions about how the world worked (why is the sky blue, how come birds can fly, etc), guidance for starting Fuck Cancer, or life advice, dad always seems to know just what to say.

When my mom got cancer, my bond with my dad was changed forever. You see, we speak our own language too- but rather than inside jokes and made up words, the language dad and I share often needs no words. We cared for mom together though all of her surgeries. We sat for hours in hard hospital chairs, we emptied her drains and washed her tenderly. We had our hearts broken together and learned to take care of each other while we took care of mom.

So to see my sons give my father such joy fills my heart more than I can say. I’m glad dad gets to create his own language and world with my boys that is built on joy and happiness. I’m also glad that I get to take hilarious pictures and videos of them that I can bribe my dad with for years!