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It’s The Small Things

April 10, 2017

OK mamas, you’ll know what I’m talking about here.

You know those days when you just need five minutes to yourself? No, how about five HOURS? But you Just. Can’t. Seem. To. Get. Any

There are those days where you are at your wits’ end or you just need some peace and quiet to gather your thoughts. Those days where you start 15 tasks and complete none of them. The checklist person in me is losing their mind… secretly inside of course.

I’m starting to sympathize with the lady whose video went viral. You know the one, where she locked herself in the pantry to escape her quintuplets simply to eat a piece of candy in peace.

I’m over nine weeks in and I’m already feeling the pain. Sorta.

I’m the type of person who is used to getting things done on my time – how I want to and when I want to –  and the only thing getting in the way of completion was my own procrastination. Sigh, gone are the days.

Motherhood has come with all sorts of challenges – good ones, because I wouldn’t change a thing – but challenges nonetheless. It’s the most amazing, surreal experience of my life which I am immensely grateful for, but it’s also a daily struggle to enjoy just the small things, or simply even to get chores done. Painting my nails, watching some trashy reality TV, making a meal without being disturbed, wearing clean clothes for more than five minutes before it gets spit up on and sitting down to a meal with my spouse without having to get up 10 times to attend to baby.

The small things are really quite simple and precious, yet bring such joy to my life. My days are now filled with head-over-heels, madly-in-love-with-my-son moments that I will cherish forever, but equally want to scream at the top of my lungs because I can’t complete simple tasks until several hours (or days) later.

And for that, I am eternally grateful. But still secretly wish I could escape to an island for a week to recharge. ☺


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