Do More Of: Prepare For Who And How To Share When Baby Arrives

August 16, 2016

You undoubtedly have a crew of loved ones waiting eagerly to know when your babe is born, and to hear all the details you’re willing to share. Problem is, gone are the days of waiting for your handwritten announcement in the mail. These days people want to know the second Tiny is born! And maybe you want them to know too. So how do you share the great news from your recovery bed? Girl Scout that shit and plan ahead!

ml_prepareforshare-textWhile you’re packing your hospital bag and painting the nursery, add one more thing to your “to-do list”: make a list (or a few) of who you want to email/text/notify when baby is born. I like making two lists, one for family and very close friends, and one for acquaintances and peripheral friends.

Then plan how you want to tell them. We texted pretty much everyone except the very close family and friends that we wanted to call or facetime. The “familyish list” got more honest details and maybe a picture, and the “friendish list” got the excited “We’re now a family of 3! Couldn’t be happier to welcome Jagger to the world today. Mom and Jagger are doing great.” text, which had all of the the necessary info but didn’t include anything super personal.

You can text, email, post to social media, or even facetime/call if you’re ambitious. Take it from me, you’re going to have enough to worry about, so plan ahead and save yourself the horror of wondering if you forgot to tell your best friend, boss or great aunt yet!

Few things to think about including:

-Gender, if you haven’t already told people (or just to remind them ‘cause it’s so hard to tell with newborns!)
-Day/Time of Babe’s arrival
-Baby info, if you want to share (weight, height, etc, etc)
-Baby/Mom status, how are they both doing
-Needs, if you need anything this is the time to throw it out there! (Food, dog walking, you name it!)


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