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Don’t Lick That — Ok Just Don’t Eat it

January 10, 2018

Remember when a dropped pacifier or toy was instantly whisked off to be sterilized? When food could barely touch the plate, never mind the floor? When hands were washed then sanitized before holding baby? Hahah, oh, me too!

My hands actually peeled because I was washing them so much! I made people shower and change clothes after a flight before touching JJ (actually I’m still kind of behind this one). Point is, I was anal about germs and my baby. ml_dontlickthat-inpost

Then somewhere along the way, I relaxed a little. And holy shit it felt great.

Then somewhere a little farther along the way, I realized my child licks lizards and worms, so I’m pretty sure the cracker that just hit the ground is fair game.

Why share this? Because it’s one of the things I’m most proud of. I think this progress deserves a badge or something, like I’ve levelled up in the Mom World. I’m no longer that super pyscho new mom who thinks the man sneezing across the street will infect my child. I’m definitely still the pyscho mom who will cut a bitch that disrupts my kid’s nap schedule or gives him sugar before bed, but I’m like waaaay more chill about it now.

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