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Fighting Mama Fatigue

October 3, 2016

I hear ya – being a mama is exhausting at times! Endless diaper changes, marathon feeds, sleepless nights.  What is a modern mama to do? Well, it may be more than just busy modern parenting causing your fatigue, especially if you had a nutrient deficiency before or during your pregnancy. During pregnancy, there are regular check-ups, blood work and monitoring. However, once baby is born this medical attention and supervision is often transferred to the baby and baby alone.

Unfortunately, many of the symptoms of a nutrient deficiency or a hormone imbalance mimic many ‘natural’ post-partum occurrences, think hair loss or difficulty losing weight. How unfair is that?! Many of these deficiencies or imbalances are relatively simple to correct. If you’re experiencing symptoms like extreme hair loss, fatigue, weight gain, low mood or intolerance to cold temperatures, it may be worthwhile chatting with your doctor about the following:

  • B12: A water soluble vitamin responsible for energy. Remember Red Bull from your college days? It’s the B12 that had you dancing till the wee hours. (Obviously skip the Red Bull if nursing!)
  • Iron: Responsible for energy, hair integrity, and proper hormone balance. Don’t stress if you’re low on Popeye’s fave nutrient, it’s easy to get more with food (hello spinach and red meat!) or supplements.
  • Thyroid Function: Your thyroid gland sets your metabolism for the whole body and can influence loads of other hormones. If you have difficulty losing weight, hair loss, fatigue, or an intolerance to cold – definitely get this checked.
  • Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin – but so much more! Responsible for balanced mood, bone health, and aiding hormones. (If you’re anything like me and hid your baby away in the clean, safe retreat that was indoors, it’s easy to see why you’re missing a little sunshine.)

These four markers can be easily checked with a simple blood test.

Your exhaustion, extra lbs and hair changes could definitely be part of the joy that is postpartum hormones and life changes, but if you think it might be something more, get that shit checked out, ladyfriend!

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