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First Day (Home) Jitters

September 26, 2016

Your first day home on your own is overwhelming and scary, and that’s totally normal. You’ll desperately miss the magical midnight diaper changes that happened and the experienced nurses who told you exactly when it was time to feed.

Don’t worry about trying to remember everything you learned from the dozens of books you’ve read, or infant education classes you’ve mastered (at least not just yet). Be real, chances are you’re in a haze and don’t remember a damn thing anyway.That’s ok, you’ll figure it out, ‘cause sister, you have to!

So, first things first, take a deep breath and relax! I promise you, it will all come together before you know it.

Don’t go running circles around the house trying get everything just right. Just because you’ve been released from the hospital, doesn’t mean you don’t need to continue your recovery,even if you think you’ve had an easy breezy delivery. You need to rest and give your body and mind time to heal and process. Seriously super women, just take a breather.

Set up the basics like you had in the hospital; feeding and mini changing station. Have a mini set up in your bedroom and living room or whatever room you’ll be hanging out in during the day. Keep the set-up basic and convenient.

The only thing you really “need” to be doing is recovering from delivery and getting to know your little one. The more you get to know your baby, the easier it’ll be to understand what he needs. Everything else can wait. (and if it can’t wait, let someone else take care of it!)

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