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April 5, 2017

Hey mommas! Still wondering what to do with those lingering gift cards hanging around from the holidays? Here’s my list for mom-to-be and new mom must haves! I personally own these items and can attest to the fact that each has given me a sweet moment of sanity back over the course of two babies.

Amazon Prime membership: By far the most important and easiest gift you can get for a new mom is an Amazon Prime membership! In the first few weeks (or months… was that just me?) after having a baby, it’s hard getting up and out. Although not a gadget itself, Amazon Prime will deliver any baby product you need to your door within two days. When Levi arrived a week before expected, I used the Amazon app to order extra burp cloths and beanies and they arrived at my house before I did. I also now use it to purchase gifts, seeing as the birthday parties are endless and I never make it to Toys R Us. Did I mention that I always wait until the last minute for everything? (Sidenote: In keeping with the theme… a gift card to a delivery service such as Postmates or Door Dash helps a new mama put food on her table when she just doesn’t have the energy.)

Kiinde breast milk storage twist gift set: Simplicity all wrapped up! This set allows you to pump directly into a storage bag that then snaps right into a bottle for feeding time. Less mess, less waste, less cleanup! It also comes with a convenient way to store your milk in the freezer and a warmer for when it’s ready to be used. The adaptors included allow it to be used with mostly every pump on the market. An extra tip is to purchase a hands-free breast pump bra. Whatever will you do with all of that extra time?

Baby Brezza formula maker: When I first switched Levi over to formula, it was difficult to find the perfect temperature and to make a bottle with one hand (you feel me, mommas?) At first I didn’t want to buy a whole contraption for such a short amount of time but considering Levi refused to make the jump to whole milk (and stayed on toddler formula for an additional year), I’m very thankful my technology-obsessed husband made me buy it! Plus, we brought it back out for Everly and it’s working just as wonderfully as the first time. It takes very little upkeep and especially comes in handy for those late night feedings! You simply add formula to the top and water to the side and it’s ready to go (the water generally has to be refilled once a day and the formula every few days). When it’s time for a bottle for your little one, you select your size and press the start button. Working similarly to a Keurig for bottles, it comes out perfectly mixed at a precise temperature each time. And the best part is that you can do it all while holding your baby on your hip!

Dohm sound machine: We kissed a few sound machine frogs before we came across this one! We loved the kid’s Dohms so much, my husband and I got one for ourselves. I know a lot of people want their babies getting used to random noises throughout the night or sunlight in their rooms but I chose sleep instead. This machine helped us to achieve that without any annoying extras! Just plug it in, choose from one of two volume controls and look forward to a better night’s sleep.

Robe and/or sweatpants with pockets: Ok, so this is clearly not a gadget but a lifesaver nonetheless. When holding a newborn, it’s typically standard to use two hands. This isn’t something I gave much thought to until I was trying to carry my baby, the monitor, my cell phone (a big must if you are recording feeding times, diaper changes or sleeping patterns on it) and a pacifier all in one trip. Add a bottle of water or a granola bar and all hell breaks loose! I quickly found that pockets became my new best friend. I was able to store everything I needed on me (which is key for never moving a sleeping baby- haha) and keep cozy at the same time! A hoodie was almost impossible when breastfeeding and I didn’t like wearing a zip up since the zipper itself was so close to where my baby’s face was resting all day, so I found a robe to be my new go-to each morning (and throughout the day… no need to lie here). Extra pockets ensure that you won’t lose your necessities a million times a day, which is always a plus when working with a sleep-deprived brain. Extra points if they can fit a bottle of wine in there!

Dock-a-Tot: This item is a relatively new sleeping pad for your little one so I took the plunge to let you all know how I feel about it… and boy am I glad I did! With Levi, we transferred him to his crib on night number two and he did beautifully. With my daughter, Everly, she was NOT happy with that idea and preferred to stay in the bassinet in our bedroom. Once she hit close to four months though, she began to outgrow it and we knew it was time to transfer. Unfortunately, she still wasn’t ready. Enter dock-a-tot. There are a lot of regulations with the dock-a-tot, especially in America. Still, after reading reviews from hundreds of parents all over the world, we went for it! On her first night in her dock-a-tot, she slept for a record-breaking number of hours! Momma and baby were both very happy! My only wish is that I had bought the larger size because she outgrew it so quickly! Little tip: watch the video on how to put the cover back on after you wash it… it helps an otherwise potentially painful process.

Owlet: Being the crazy, over protective momma that I truly am (despite my best efforts), I decided that the best way for me to get over the transfer to said crib and dock-a-tot was to include the owlet in our nightly routine. This amazing device uses the same technology as hospitals to scan your child’s foot and continuously deliver their pulse and heart rate. If the connection is lost or the readings seem off, an alert is immediately sent to both your phone and the base station. It’s not without its hiccups (namely some false readings), but the owlet allowed me to rest easy. My nights of watching the monitor to make sure she was breathing were behind me! And that’s all any mom can really ask for when they bring their newborn home!

Although we know that none of these extras are really needed, it’s nice to know they’re out there! Not everything works for every mom or baby, so I always suggests going to see the product in person and, better yet, testing it out if you can. I love my wipes warmer (December baby) but my friends think it’s a ridiculous purchase. Here’s to finding and loving your very own ridiculous purchase or, better yet, gift!

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