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Good Advice? Or the Right Advice?

January 23, 2017

Pretty sure everyone can relate to this one…

So you’re brand new to the “Mommy Scene”, clueless, a bit scared, and overwhelmed. Which pretty much makes you easy prey to all the “Experts”. All with good intentions, I’m sure.

But, Which advice do you follow? You’re getting it from all angles whether you want it or not. Your BFF, baby group mommies, Mom and Mother-in Law, oh and that sweet lady who has no children at all. Everyone has an opinion alright, and that’s ok.

Hey, It’s all welcome and usually very helpful in the beginning.

When you’ve reached the point of confusion and no advice or opinion seems to match up with your baby’s needs, it may just be that time where you give yourself a chance and try it your way. It’s actually okay to make a few mistakes on your own to get it right.

Working with newborns for 13 years now, we’ve not come across one single baby that was the same as the last. I, along with my partner, learn the needs of each baby every single time. Along with a new tip or trick learned from a new mama who has simply figured it out!fullsizerender_baby

The most practical advice is the advice that makes the most sense to you and fits with your family’s needs. Kinda like finding that missing piece to the puzzle.  

What worked for one baby may not work for yours. Sure, there are textbook ways to getting some things done correctly. But there are so many more things you figure out as you get to know your baby. It’s okay not to accept all the advice of others and allow natural instincts to kick in.

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