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If I Could Turn Back Time

March 7, 2017

Let’s begin with, if you can read that title without singing it, you might be dead inside. Moving on.

I like to think that I did a pretty bad ass job with Jagger. He’s a kind, sweet, smart, curious kiddo who sleeeeeeps! Hooray for me! But having a second babe let me see that there are definitely a few areas that I can improve on with parenting 2.0. Sorry JJ, you are my most divine prototype.

Things I would do differently:

  • Vacuum while he sleeps. No for reals. I wouldn’t have done the sound machine, dark room shit. I’d let him figure out how to sleep any and everywhere – that’s a pretty great life skill my friends!
  • 5 second rule. Sanitizing be damned, a little dirt now and then is good for ‘em! Dirt not germs, I haven’t changed that much!
  • You’re so vain. I was all about the beautiful nursery and picture perfect outfits with JJ. I wouldn’t even give my glider away it was so uncomfortable and my changing table was so high that I had to be on my tiptoes to change JJ! This time I went for function over form.
  • Take the help. First time around I wouldn’t even let my husband hold JJ most days, this time I’d hand him to the checkout guy at the grocery store.
  • Like Clockwork. I was super anal about JJ’s schedule, he ate, napped, and bathed with the precision of a navy seal. This time around I’m totally going to have like a 10 minute grace period. I’m so cool.

It makes me feel better to know that while Levi definitely gets the second kid shaft on occasion (don’t pretend you haven’t forgotten to take pictures or wiped up spit up with their sock) he also gets a slightly calmer, way more experienced mama to love the shit outta him.


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  • Reply Sam March 25, 2017 at 5:34 am

    Yep agree 100%! My husband and I used to tease about our littlest turning out the best just because we were so chill by then! Although I honestly admit that taking help beyond hubby is and always will be a struggle (oh Type A personality). Happy weekend!

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