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Mom Crush

November 14, 2016

When you were young and crushing hard, it was usually on the boy who lives down the street or your older cousin’s best friend. After you have kids, however, the term crush takes on a whole new meaning.

Enter “mom crush”. You know… where you meet a mom, maybe at preschool pick up or Gymboree, and decide you really really want to be friends with her. Perhaps you have two kids in the same grade, or you have the same stroller and you just know you would hit it off. You make it your mission to get to know her, only you have to be chill and coy, (somewhat like when you have a real crush!). You start off slow and would never ask for her number right away. You have to feel it out. Maybe check out her Facebook profile and even friend her. OMG she graduated from college the same year as your best friend…do they know each other? It’s basically testing the waters. Does she wanna be your friend too? Ugh­ it’s so hard to tell. Awwww you guys are wearing the same flip flops today.

After a few weeks, you become bold enough to make a move. “We should get the kids together for a playdate,” you say, with just enough energy to let her know that you’re excited about the idea but not enough to make her think you don’t have any friends (smooth). “Yes! That would be great!” she says. Look at you, girlfriend. Seems she was checking you out too. Well played,  mom. You were nervous for nothin’! Now you just have to figure out what to wear…

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