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Nursery Prep, The Second Time Around

November 15, 2016

With Baby #2 making his debut very soon, I figured I should have somewhere to put him when he comes home. Other than in my arms, obviously.

With JJ’s nursery, I was so thoughtful (or obsessive, same thing) about every decision. It had to be perfect. Then he arrived. And promptly puked or pooped on just about everything (and everyone) in there. So I’m a little less concerned with perfection this time and more concerned with comfort and convenience.


  • The glider, oh the glider! I can’t even count the hours (and nights) I spent nursing, cuddling and sleeping in that damn thing. My first one was so uncomfortable, mostly because of the super hard sides and weird arm height. This time, I spent the time to test some out, and make sure I was down to spent a night (or 20) in it.
  • The height of his changing table. First time around I chose a cute one. That happened to be built for a giant. I had to literally get on my tiptoes to put him up onto it! This time I chose one that I can reach without a ladder.
  • The fridge. I got so sick of bumping into things while walking downstairs to put my pumped milk in the fridge in the middle of the night. This time I splurged on a super small mini fridge for the closet. Lazy? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely.
  • The sterilizer. First time around I had a great one, but it creeped me out that after everything was sterilized it was so moist and had to dry. This time I splurged on a combo sterilized/dryer and I’m maybe a little too excited to use it!
  • The snack basket. This was one of my fave parts of JJ’s nursery and I’m definitely keeping the tradition alive! Between labour, having a newborn and (potentially) nursing- your body is doing a lot! And I for one was starved all the time. So I kept a basket of easy snacks (and lots of water) within arms reach. I spent more time choosing my nursery snacks than choosing my nursery decor this time around, don’t judge me!

What are the things most important to you in your kiddo’s nursery? I’m obviously all about comfort (and food)!

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  • Lara Merkel Ross
    Reply Lara Merkel Ross November 18, 2016 at 9:26 am

    This makes me want a do over!! The fridge is genius. As are the snacks at the ready. Great baby shower ideas…

  • Reply Chelsea January 24, 2017 at 10:20 am

    Yael, which glider did you choose the second time around?

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