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What Makes You You?

March 30, 2017

Ever heard the saying “happy wife, happy life?” It comes off trite, but I believe there’s some truth to it.  In many cases mothers, working or stay-home, are very much the heart of the home (don’t freak out, I am a feminist!). And as in most living beings, a healthy heart, or the lack thereof, significantly affects the rest of the body.

When I first became a mother, I watched other mums, women I knew before they had kids. They all seemed to have transferred the passions and energies they had once had for other things and channeled them into motherhood. They did it seamlessly, wearing the new role like a second skin.

Though I craved this unhindered focus, it didn’t take long for me to admit that this would never happen for me. I was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I was trying to fit into a foreign mold and it wasn’t working, so after a brief moment of wallowing, I began to search for alternatives.

The solution didn’t come till about two months later, when rather than ignore the inspirations that had been swirling around my head; I picked up a pen and paper (yes I’m old school) and began to write.

I don’t remember what I wrote. It was probably rubbish and currently lies in a landfill somewhere. Yet for me the simple action was revolutionary. I was me again.

I realized that being a devoted mother didn’t mean suppressing who I am otherwise. Having other pursuits didn’t undermine my devotion to my child and my home. I have found that feeding other aspects of myself enables me to be better, more present and more grateful in my domestic life.  And as a result, I’m happier and so is my home.  

Keep your heart healthy.  What makes you you? Go out and do it.  Within reason of course ☺


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