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Snacks Of Summer

August 30, 2017

Summer is in full swing at our house, meaning two things:

  1. Each morning starts with battling my toddler over ‘sunscream’ application.
  2. I hear “Can I have a popsicle?” at least twenty times a day.

She literally just asked if she could have a popsicle during sunscream application.

In an effort to curb sugar intake/retain my sanity, I decided to get creative in the kitchen. Here are my favourite cooling summer treats for your tiny hot tamale.

Watermelon Ice Popsicles:

Chop one whole watermelon into cubes

Blend on high with a ½ cup of water

Pour into popsicle molds and freeze

“You’re Driving Me Bananas” Popsicles:

Peel 3-4 ripe bananas

Insert popsicle sticks into the bottom

Place on a cookie tray and freeze

Roll in melted chocolate, coconut, nuts or peanut butter and serve


Vegging Out

Magical Grilled Veggie wands!  I am always looking for creative ways to get my son to eat more vegetables. These grilled veggie skewers make zucchinis look a little more exciting to a toddler and are an easy recipe to bring to a summer BBQ.…

August 22, 2017

The Hangry Games

Summertime is my favorite. No alarms and no homework, it’s bliss. However, it also means this mommy is responsible for feeding these little monsters ALL freakin day long. How much can a kid eat? A hell of a lot evidently. Geesh! So here’s a…

August 21, 2017
Motherlucker Parenting

Kids Will Be Kids

I have a confession to make – it doesn’t take a whole lot to ruffle my feathers.  As much as I long to be, I am not the kick your feet up, let you hair down, go with the flow kind of gal.  No,…

August 16, 2017

Melon Madness

This Watermelon “pizza” recipe is one of my go-to summer snacks.  It’s an easy and fun way to get your kids to eat fruit and yogurt and takes advantage of the amazing summer fruit available. Decorating the pizza is also a kid-friendly activity that…

August 15, 2017

This Sh** Is Bananas

  Finding healthy popsicles that have more then just sugar and food coloring can be challenging. These popsicles use frozen bananas as the base and are topped with dehydrated fruit and nuts with chia and hemps seeds snuck in for some extra nutrition. If…

August 8, 2017
Mom Advice Motherlucker

JOMO: The Joy Of Missing Out

“I’ll see you tomorrow at Jake’s birthday,” I casually commented to one of the moms after preschool last Friday. “Oh, I can’t be bothered to rush to the toy store to buy some stupid piece of plastic for a kid I hardly know and then plan my…

July 17, 2017
Mom Stuff Motherlucker

Mom Dating

Making new mom friends isn’t always easy. Actually, it’s a lot like dating. You fear rejection. You want to have chemistry with that new mom you meet at mommy and me class. You want her to like you. Will her friends like you? What…

July 12, 2017
Mom Advice Mom Stuff Motherlucker

Traveling Circus

When my first baby was 4 months old, my husband and I took him from Vancouver to Australia. He didn’t make a peep for the entire 15-hour flight. My husband, on the other hand, snored like a freight train for the better part of…

July 5, 2017
Mom Advice Mom Stuff

The Nanny Pursuit

Finding a nanny is some serious biz-nass. So much so, I could write a book about it, and I feel like one of the lucky ones! I mean, you are basically recruiting a total stranger to come into your (private) home, see your most…

June 12, 2017