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Kids Will Be Kids

August 16, 2017

I have a confession to make – it doesn’t take a whole lot to ruffle my feathers.  As much as I long to be, I am not the kick your feet up, let you hair down, go with the flow kind of gal.  No, I am not.  It’s just not in my DNA.  I’m pretty high strung and my patience often runs thin.  Enter children.  The perfect storm of chaos, stress and a shitload of improvisation.  I feel like I yell at my kids….A LOT.  Some days, it’s because they are being total assholes and they deserve it.  Other days, they are just being funny, goofy, mistake-making kids and I need to seriously chill out!

Kids do a lot of silly, ridiculous, asinine things.  They make huge messes.  They make really dumb, impulsive choices.  They like to goof off and make you repeat yourself a bazillion times and take as long as possible to brush their teeth and put on their shoes.  They are easily distracted and crazy-full of energy!  They are KIDS.  And I have to remind myself of this – Every. Single. Day.  They are my kids – my sweet little humans who are full of love and joy and laughter and so, so much innocence. 

They don’t see a problem with twirling around in the kitchen while spilling milk all over the floor or dancing naked at the front door for all to see or sopping your bathroom floor with gallons of water while they play sharks and pirates in the tub.  They are oblivious and carefree – and I am envious!  They don’t get to be kids forever and I won’t get to witness this magic forever.  I need to remember that they are learning and they are pushing their boundaries and trying to figure out right from wrong.  It’s our job as parents to nurture and teach and set expectations, but sometimes, especially when they are little, we need to lower those expectations and then lower them again.

So, let them be silly.  Let them take 100 years to tell you a story.  Don’t cry over spilled milk.  Laugh a hell of a lot more.  Dance with them.  Some days, you’ve got to let them just BE.  Because they are your kiddos and the pure love and innocence they have now won’t last forever.  One day they will be grown and they will have to take on this big scary world as an adult.  And they will be ready because of all you have taught them, and they will rock it!  So, for now, don’t be too hard on them (or yourself) because life is short.  Childhood is the perfect time to slow down, have fun and let them teach you that it’s okay to make some mud pies and dance in the rain. 

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