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The Hand Me Down Life

October 24, 2017

It’s the curse of the second kid isn’t it? They get the shaft in so many ways … attention, gifts, public fanfare, photos. I can’t say I felt guilty about any of it to be honest. I mean, I kind of looked at it as, “You’re lucky this isn’t our first rodeo. Just sit back and enjoy the ride tiny one.”

Three months into tiny human #2, however, I started to get an itch. Maybe it’s because she had stopped screaming at me long enough for me to see that she had her own personality under all that baby-ness. Maybe it’s because I felt like I was reliving a groundhog’s day situation being in that room around the clock again. But the hand-me-down nursery, was weighing on me.

We didn’t find out the gender of either of our children so the space was already neutral. In fact, it’s still one of my favorite rooms in the house. But a boy had grown up in there and baby girl had already developed her own style. A less modern, chic style and a more feminine, timeless vibe. I know I sound crazy. How can a 3 month old have a style, but she does people. SHE DOES.

So I got stuck in the Instagram rabbit hole of beautifully designed nurseries and stumbled on Pehr Designs. First of all, their nursery designs are so clean and simple. Second, their pieces had me thinking that an overhaul wasn’t necessary, I just needed some accent pieces and I’d be well on my way to giving little girl something that she didn’t have to share. So. I chose their new Meadow motif and went with some sheets, a pillow, some super functional bins for her blankets and books. I felt like I honored her tiny presence without breaking the bank or my back.

Since following this brand on Instagram, I’ve also learned that they are crazy generous as well. They donated blankets to hurricane victims and provide consistent, SAFE work to hundreds of artisans in India … mostly women.

I’m proud that she has a hand-me-down room. It’s worn in with love. But I’m also proud that she gets to be surrounded by products that are hers and that happen to be made with meaning to reflect her awesome little personality. I’d love to hear your ideas on making life less of an afterthought for baby #2!

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