The Hangry Games

August 21, 2017

Summertime is my favorite. No alarms and no homework, it’s bliss. However, it also means this mommy is responsible for feeding these little monsters ALL freakin day long. How much can a kid eat? A hell of a lot evidently. Geesh!

So here’s a couple of our quick eats that get us through these summer months. I hope this gives you some easy ideas and please share some of your favorites in the comments. I am always in search of new snacks. Thanks in advance

For breakfast, Dylan’s favorite is Morning Star Farms Veggie Sausage. Throw it on a biscuit and done. I sneak in veggies wherever I can with this kid. Quick and healthy-ish is my game and these are a hit in our house. 

For lunch, he is usually good with a turkey sandwich, but cutting it into a star shape seals the deal. We then chase lunch with a glass of orange juice with a teaspoon of Coconut Oil mixed in. Coconut oil is our cure all, my favourite of the long list of benefits coconut oil provides is that it’s fabulous for brain health (Mom tip: For any moms experiencing constipation issues with their little ones it’s helped!).  

As far as treats go, Sour Heads by Black Forest Organic is a winner in our house, no gross red #40 dye in these babies. Dylan also likes watermelon popsicles. (Mom Tip: They are delicious infused with vodka, or so I have heard…).

So heres to soaking up these last few weeks of summer mama’s. Back to school PTA, and room mom duties are lurking

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