The Obsessive Things I Do That Save Me Time

October 25, 2016

So I’ll be real with you here, I’m what some might call “specific”. Others might call me anal, obsessive or annoying. Whatever. I like order, things having a place, and I feel calmer when I’m prepared. Call it what you want (just not to my face).

When I had JJ, I developed a whole new level of “organized”, out of necessity. In the beginning, I was alone with JJ most of the time and nothing terrified me quite like the thought of being solo and unprepared. So I started doing a few things that may seem over-the-top, but have saved me on more than one occasion. Here’s my dirty little obsessive secrets:

  • I lay out JJ’s clothes for the next day at bedtime. This way I don’t have to bend to reach his drawers (bending was hard postpartum and is again pregnant), scrambling to find a temperature-appropriate outfit while he’s on the changing table before he loses patience or rolls off.
  • I have a bath setup that makes bathing JJ solo much easier. It involves me laying out a little post-bath station while he naps, with his PJs, towels, and toys. That way, all I have to do is fill the bath, and then when he’s done I take him out and lay him right onto his cozy station to prep for bed (the bathroom is warm post bath, so we like to stay in there).
  • I fill his bottles for the day ahead of time, that way I don’t have to fumble with a hungry baby on my hip while I try to pour and prep a bottle. Extra bonus, if I’m not the one giving him the bottle, there’s no way to mess it up for whoever does!
  • I have two diaper bags so that after I use one, there is always a fully stocked one ready in case I can’t refill before our next outing. This came about after forgetting to put a clean outfit in or refill wipes one too many times. (Do you know how hard it is to change a dirty diapers sans wipes? Or to have to take your baby home in an adult friend’s t-shirt because you forgot a backup outfit for Poopsplosion day??) I use one real diaper bag (for bigger outings) and one tote bag that I had already (for outings where I don’t need the full shebang, just basics, like the park).

Judge me all you want, but I bet everyone has some borderline-OCD rituals that make their mommy madness a little bit easier.

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  • Reply Leah Asher October 25, 2016 at 10:57 am

    I am not a person that comments on a blog but feel the need to as I am enjoying your site so much!! Thank you for the real-life articles!! It As a new mom too, it is so refreshing to read that it’s not all roses and that has nothing to do with your unconditional love for your child.
    PS… you must try the baby brezza. It makes bottles in 10 seconds and heats it to the exact temperature. Worth every penny!

    Smiles, Leah. (BC, Canada)

  • Reply Melanie Leitner April 25, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    LOVE the two diaper bag idea. I’m going to use this one. I’ve been caught one two many times without wipes on hand or worse, no snacks!

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