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May 1, 2017

I was putting on my bra one morning when my husband said, “Seriously. GET A NEW BRA.” He’s not an ass. I promise. To be fair, the ONE BRA I was wearing day in and day out was a nursing bra I got while pregnant with my son…in 2015 … from Target. It got me through my first pregnancy, breast feeding my son, the sad deflate gate after I weaned him AND the good part of my second pregnancy.

When your husband has to tell you to upgrade your underwear, you know it’s getting bad. So I did it one day. I got another Target nursing bra for under $20 and brought it home with me. It totally felt like a treat, not a necessity. That is until I was zoning out on Instagram one night and saw a brand of maternity/post-partum lingerie. No joke, a woman had posted a hospital photo of the brand’s bra in her sexy one-size fits all humans hospital underwear and I thought, “She looks gorgeous.”

And that’s when it hit me. Treating yourself isn’t about buying one measly bra as a necessity at Target. It’s about doing something completely unnecessary for yourself that reminds you of how worthy you are of being lavished in goodness.

It doesn’t have to be a material item. It can be a girl’s trip, a weekend getaway, a haircut or a massage. But for me … I wanted to take my sexiness seriously. So I got a longline bra from Mayana Geneviere. You guys. I feel like a woman. For real. It’s so elegant and sensual and practical. Turns out, this thing grows (and shrinks) with you as you go through all the creepy stages of boob-town. You can even breast feed while wearing it without the crazy snaps to unhook. I was so inspired by my new lingerie that I even got a bikini wax. Yep. 35 weeks pregnant and my husband refused to help me down there. DOESN’T HE KNOW I CAN’T SEE ANYTHING?!

I hope you treat yourselves ladies, even if it’s with things not everyone can see, because you deserve it.

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