Trips Are For Kids

December 22, 2017
I think you know the difference between a trip and a vacation but, in case you don’t, I’ll make the math real simple:
Trip = WHOLE family travels to make memories and raise cultured kiddos.
Vacation = adults only travels to make memories and refuel for aforementioned trips.
In other words, trips are an investment in your kids, vacations are an investment in your marriage.
My husband and I just got back from a week-long trip with my six month old and 2 year old to Mexico. It’s a family tradition that dates back long before I came into the mix. Before kids, this trip was one of my favorite vacations. The margaritas were as endless as the dinners and the jacuzzi was as inviting as the sunsets.
We knew the vacation would be over once we decided to bring our tiny kids with us, but it really wasn’t a question whether or not this experience would still be a part of our family’s tradition. Without getting into the weeds about packing details and preparations, here’s what still made it a great memory for us:
1. ZERO EXPECTATIONS: If the kids could handle being at dinner way past their bedtime, great. But let’s not plan on it. Should we bring our swimming suits? TOTALLY! But let’s not bet on jacuzzi time. Going in with no expectations actually helped us feel less cheated and kept us in check when we wanted the trip to meet vacation standards.
2. NEW TRADITIONS: We absolutely love watching the sunset off our balcony every night. This is totally doable with kids. Most nights one or both were napping but my husband and I made a point to start cocktail hour 45 minutes before the sun set and relax on the deck. If the kids were up, we’d have them clap as the sun went down.
3. PLANNING A VACATION: We used nap time to dream about where we’d go next as a couple. It was still incredible to be in Mexico with our kids, family and friends. But it also made us crave some time together. As luck would have it, some friends of ours had an engagement party the night we came back in town, so we unpacked, put the kids to bed, got ready and went out on the town. We may just add a date night as our first task when we get home next year!

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