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When To Start Trying

April 11, 2017

This is so personal and different for everyone, so sadly I can’t give you a magic recipe for when to start, but these are some of my litmus tests for when I knew I was ready.

  • I was ready to sacrifice. We all know having a baby changes everything (and I’m not just talking about your vajayjay). I knew I was ready when the idea of missing a beach trip or awards party didn’t seem like such a sacrifice. Little did I know it would also mean giving up daily showers and peeing alone for a while, but whatever.
  • Actively risking it. This is the “you’re not trying but you’re not NOT trying” stage. I affectionately refer to this as ‘actively risking it’. When you’re ready to roll the dice, you damn well better be ready!
  • Aunt Flo Blues. I started getting secretly sad when I got my period. Not sad because I couldn’t wear my awesome white spandex onesie or swim with the sharks, but because it was one more month to wait for my little love.

These are some of the emotional factors; of course there are financial, biological, lifestyle and logistical ones too. Only you know when you’re ready, and don’t let anyone pressure you into starting a family before you’re ready. Ultimately it’s your life that changes the most radically, so be on your own timeline, girlfriend.

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