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Who Run The World? Moms!

March 23, 2017

I’ll be honest. I used to think girls were just whiners. And while I think some definitely are, I think it’s important to note that I am now a strict advocate for the power that exists inside of every single woman on this planet: past, present and future.

Let me be clear, women have been touted as a lot of things: crazy, moody, loving, strong. But “powerful” isn’t a word people throw around lightly, especially as it applies to woman, and maybe even more rarely as it applies to moms. What I’ve come to believe is that our power exists, in part, because of the one thing I’ve always thought made us so weak… hormones. That’s right. Hormones are what converted me to being a believer that women run the world.

Here were my critical steps to conversion:

  1. Getting off birth control (aka, when I discovered I actually had hormones). I was on birth control for a million years before deciding to go off the pill in order to have a baby. I realized in the three weeks following my last pill that I was just as afraid of hormones as any guy I’ve ever met. When were they going to take over? At a dinner party? In the middle of a meeting? Where have they been all this time? WHY DO I HAVE ON TWO BRAS?
  1. Weaning my baby. I didn’t have many fluctuations in hormones during my first pregnancy but all hell broke loose for about 4 days when I weaned him. I remember feeling so sad and so incredibly emotional and then, BAM. I woke up one morning with flapjack boobs and a sunny disposition like nothing ever happened. Because, that’s the kind of Cybil shit that hormones want to reduce us to.
  1. My second pregnancy. Guys I almost checked myself into a mental institution during my first trimester because I honestly thought I was losing it. I was living in this fog that felt so real that I had completely forgotten to associate it with pregnancy. Then, around 11 weeks, BAM. Woke up with those plump boobs I fell in love with during pregnancy number 1 and an unmatched zeal for life. Who’s running this show anyway because I certainly am NOT.


My point is that somehow I still showed up to work every day, fed the people in my house and managed to walk away from it relatively unscathed. I know women being poked and prodded weekly for fertility tests who are executives at major companies who still manage to out-perform men despite the chaos going on under the hood. The amount of mental stamina required to overcome hormonal attacks that come without warning and constantly linger in the shadows of our psyche is astonishing. And while there are a few whiners out there who make it hell for the rest of us by making the phrase “is it that time of the month??” socially acceptable, I believe the vast majority are just pushing their way through and getting. shit. done with or without the spicy sidekick we call hormones. For that, I say we’re more powerful than we give ourselves credit. So, every time I see a woman in the wild doing what needs to be done to make her world turn, I take a metaphorical knee in respect because that’s what she deserves.


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