Why All of Us Should Take a Mommy & Me Class

October 24, 2016

Taking a class with your second child is like watching a movie for the second time. It allows you to see things you didn’t see at first or, perhaps, in a new light. With my son, it felt as if I was running to the pediatrician for every little thing. I was so wrapped up in my own little world (and, frankly, just keeping him alive and happy) that it was hard to see more than what I needed to at said moment. With my daughter, I had more confidence right from the start. I knew what gas drops were and how to use them. However, with each child, new concerns arise and we deal with problems that are different from our first. They both had acid reflux (lucky me) but only my little girl was special enough to get eczema.

mommy-and-me-image-1Right now I am in a “mommy and me” group where they bring in different professionals each week to cover a topic related to raising your child. In class last week, the physical therapist shared that you should be doing 90 minutes of tummy time a day. Hold on. Let me write that out this way because it is not a typo… N-I-N-E-T-Y fucking minutes! I was seriously slacking by about 80 minutes a day (*hangs head in shame*)! I’ve since been trying to up our tummy time, but between a dog and a two year old, it’s hard to maximize time on the ground and minimize time spent with her not being sat on. It’s all about compromises, people.

Besides the learning materials, it feels so good to be with women who are going through the same journey as you at the same time. Who knew discussing diaper blow-outs and ways to resolve them could be so cathartic? Although it’s not always easy getting out of the house so early every week (for reasons of actually getting dressed and then for mommy-guilt of leaving my first born behind), I always walk away from class feeling refreshed and knowledgeable. Overall, it makes me a better mom for those two very reasons, and that’s what we’re all really striving for in the end. That, and maybe eventually fitting back into our favorite jeans.

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